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Wolf in the den

This morning I was cleaning the bobcat’s den and I found a house guest who was staying with the bobcat. During the warmer weather, giant wolf spiders will seek out cool shady areas to get away from the heat. Wolf spiders are so called because they actively hunt and pounce on their prey, rather than building a web. They are actually quite beneficial to have around as they prey upon smaller types of insects and spiders. They are some of the largest spiders that are found in our area. Although they may look impressive and scary, they tend to be rather shy and would prefer to run away than attack any would-be prowlers. These spiders are not very aggressive at all. Any spider that’s provoked or disturbed can bite, so it’s best not to try to pick them up or grab them. Quietly observe one of the most impressive spiders and leave them to their own devices, and eventually they will creep away to the dark recesses of safety and refuge in the heat.

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