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You otter come out to see the otters

Hey folks! I’m happy to report that the otters have been together for about 3 weeks now and seem to be enjoying each others company. After a few days of allowing them limited access to each other, on October 2nd, the otters were allowed full access to each other inside the service building. He came into the building in a whirlwind, as she braced herself for his embrace, she charged forward with intent to meet her new boyfriend. As he ran down the thoroughfare, he paused a moment to take in her beauty. “Ohhh” he thought,”she is lovely!” But, in her mind, she thought “Who in the world is this? He might be an enemy, I shall protect myself from this invasion!” She raced forth with great energy, and before he knew it, she had pinned him to the ground! Yikes, we thought, this is it! but after about a minute, she let him up and there was much activity and celebration. ” I am the boss!” she said, ” I will not stand for your silliness!” And in his demeanor, we saw “Oh, I love you! Let’s play!” From there, so far the introduction of the male and female otter seems to be progressing nicely. For several days, the animal care team monitored the introduction. We observed each day to see how the female otter adjusted to the exhibit and the presence of the male otter. Most days, the otters seem to get along. Occasionally, each otter needs some time alone as they are in the process of getting to know each other. At those times, we allow them access to the service building so that they can “take a break” and get away from each other. Because of this, at any given time, there may only be one otter on display. Therefore, if you come to visit and see the otters, you may only see one otter on exhibit at a time. We are confident that things will continue to go well. Please come and visit the otters often to see how they are doing. Go to website and facebook page, and add your input for the name of our lovely lady. There is an ongoing contest to “Name that Otter” We are looking for a “stage name” for our girl, so feel free to add your suggestions to the posts you may see.

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