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Eggs-cell-ent Enrichment

Every year, we look forward to Easter as it’s a time for new beginnings. It has become a tradition for us to make Easter Eggs for our critters.  On a regular basis we feed certain animals in our collection hard boiled eggs as part of their diet.  Opossums, foxes, coyotes, wolves, raccoons, and the skunks all seem to enjoy this and relish biting into the yummy yellow yolk first thing when offered the eggs in their diet.  Some of these critters would invade birds’ nests out in the wild, so it’s a welcome addition to their meals.  On Easter weekend, the bright colors of the eggs are a pleasing accompaniment to blooming flowers and the  brighter and warmer spring days.


Eggs are drying after being colored

Sink right into color

Sink right into color


Operation “rescue from the dye”


And we're done! look at the bright colors, so happy

And we’re done! look at the bright colors, so happy

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