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Foxy Lady

November 29, 2016

Hey Critter Corner fans!

In the beginning of November, we had the pleasure of introducing a new young female fox to our red fox exhibit.  She will be joining our veteran male fox who has been at the VLM since 2006.

The old male fox, who is 10 years old and quite old for a red fox (Red foxes typically live for about 15 years in captivity and about 2 to 4 years in the wild) came from the Wildlife Center of Virginia.  Because he has a permanent respiratory issue and extreme allergies, he would not have been a successful candidate for release out to the wild.  In fact, we actually have to give him antihistamines so he can be comfortable in his exhibit on the outdoor trail. Since he is an orphan, he has always been a bit too friendly around people, so it was decided that he should have a place here at the VLM as an ambassador for his wild cousins.

The new female red fox is an orphan as well. She is about a year old and was rescued from a facility that had to close.  This new sassy and cute little girl is doing well in her new home. After about a week or 2 of slowly introducing her to the exhibit, she seems to be comfortable around her new companion. While she was being introduced to the exhibit, the outdoor trail had to be closed around the fox exhibit so that she could acclimate to the sounds, smells, and sights around the VLM.  She has adjusted to the many visitors fairly quickly. We hope she will continue to be a great addition to our collection of animals. Please wish her well while she continues to acclimate.  The staff checks on her everyday and she is getting comfortable with our presence around their habitat. Come and visit her while the weather is still pleasant and observe her as she embarks on her new adventure.



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