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It’s Enriching!

This weekend, the VLM is hosting an Earth Day Celebration that includes an animal enrichment day.  There will be several chances to see the animals play and enjoy interactions with their keepers.  There will be many different critters out exercising in the new and improved animal playground.  Come see the critters climb over a gigantic animal friendly see-saw, or roll and dig in a sandbox and get covered with sand.  There’s even a large wooden carved bear that an opossum enjoyed climbing up onto recently in the playground. Watch the otter interact with a plastic slide and sandbox on the shores of his swimming pond. Come out and see the animals play.

The raccoons have learned to paint with the assistance of our keepers
A pause to regroup for the next paw print

While at the festivities on animal enrichment day, you may see:

A bobcat in a box! Photo by Sarah Van Bavel

A Jolly Ball that the coyotes play with
The newly renovated animal playground

An opossum exploring the playground. Photo by Sarah Van Bavel

In addition to enjoying watching the animals, come and take a look at our local wildflowers and plants and take some home for your very own garden at home from the wild flower sale.  Kids! come check out the new playground that’s just opened and climb onto a giant rope spider web, or explore the hobbit house. There will be various activities all around the museum’s grounds so come and support your local Museums and learn about how to take care of mother earth. For more information check out the VLM website.

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