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Roanoke Logperch mating video

Many of the fishes in our Mountain Stream exhibit have been displaying mating colors, but also have been actually mating. The video shows a small portion of the extended mating behaviors of our Roanoke logperch. In the foreground is a (presumably) gravid female and around her are several males in mating colors; their body banding becomes more pronounced and the red band on their dorsal becomes much more vivid. All the males (5) had been following this female the entire day, and this was the second mating session observed. The males jockeyed for position, arched their backs to show off their dorsals and nipped at each other waiting for her to settle in. Two different males appear to mate with the female.

We are proud to have these animals mate in our exhibit, not only because they are a Threatened and Endangered species, but because it is a strong indicator that we are providing them with ideal care.

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