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Mission: Volunteering

– Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something –

It is all those little things; those little acts of kindness; those selfless gifts of time that mean something to someone. The Virginia Living Museum has more than 550 volunteers that give their time and unique skill sets to help support daily activities of our busy museum! No one volunteer can do everything – but together everyone does something. Each volunteer brings something different to the museum; it is that diversity that brings the museum to life.

So what do our volunteers do? Maybe you should wonder what they DON’T do! Our volunteers are involved with most of the departments and operations that work daily to keep our grounds looking beautiful, our animals cared for and our museum staffed!

Our mornings begin very early! Our first set of volunteers (Animal Care Trail openers’) will come in around 7:30am and will assist our dedicated animal care staff feeding and caring for numerous animals throughout the trail exhibits. In rain, snow, heat and humidity our volunteers distribute the diets to our animals; clean enclosures and ensure each animal is healthy. Our behind the scenes animal care volunteers are equally as dedicated and hard working – coming in at 9:00 am and preparing diets, cleaning cages and safely handling each animal in their care.

Everyday our museum is staffed by an army of volunteers ready to educate our guests on new and existing exhibits. As you walk through the trail, the Children’s Learning Garden and other outdoor areas – you will find a dedicated volunteer, prepared to show you around and help in any way they can. Throughout the day our indoor exhibits, museum store and information desk support our museum staff in offering first class customer service to our guests!