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The Otter is in the Building

Hey critter fans! It’s been a busy past couple of months. We’ve been working diligently to get ready for autumn. One of the projects we’ve been working on is introducing a new female otter to our otter exhibit. It’s been a long road this past summer getting the female otter ready to meet her new boyfriend. This pretty girl, who’s affectionately known as Tubbs, is about 6 years old and came to the Museum back in May. Tubbs has been adjusting to a new environment that’s not anything like her old home. She came to us from The Aquarium of the Bay in San Francisco, California, and has been getting used to living in our home state of Virginia. All summer long, she has been learning about working with our keepers and getting used to a new environment. It takes time to build up trust with a new animal, so we’ve been getting her used to us and our training protocols. This whole process has taken some time, but we’ve finally gotten her moved into the otter housing building and she’s been taking a few days to acclimate to the building and her new roommate. We haven’t physically introduced the otters, but we hope to be able to do that soon. In the meantime, the otters have been able to see each other, smell each other, and hear each other. So far, it looks like things are going pretty smoothly. As with all things, it takes a little bit of time, but we hope to be able to have both of the otters on display at some point in the future. Please check back often for updates and keep your fingers crossed that the otters will get along nicely.

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