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Shine On…Shine on…Hunter’s Moon?

So most folks are aware that the Full Moon of September is generally called the Harvest Moon.  This name comes from the idea that in September, the light of the Full Moon was useful to early farmers who needed to make sure all the crops were gathered in before the coming of the Winter.  Makes sense, right?  Heck, there’s even a song about it!

The Harvest Moon. Photograph by Magnus Manske.

What you might not know is that all of the Full Moons of the year have such names!  Some are Native American in origin…some come from the Anglo-Saxon roots of the colonial settlers.  But every Full Moon has a name.  December’s Full Moon?  The Cold Moon, as you might expect.  July’s Full Moon?  That’s the Buck Moon, as the male deer generally begin to grow their new antlers for the season during that month.  March’s Full Moon?  The Worm Moon, as the earthworms generally begin emerging from the ground as things thaw towards Spring.

The Full Moon of October, however, is the Hunter’s Moon.  Similar to the Harvest Moon, the October Full Moon gave a little extra light to the hunters of old, who worked during the month of October to bring in as much game as possible to store up against the coming Winter, when food might well be scarce.  It’s this moon that we will be celebrating at our monthly Stargazing and Laser Light Night event!

Join us at the Virginia Living Museum this Saturday to celebrate the Hunter’s Moon.  The fun begins at 6:30pm with Jessie Lou’s Food Truck open for delicious treats, and fun lunar crafts and games to get you in the Hunter’s Moon mood!  Stick with us throughout the evening as we wait for the Moon to rise, and gaze through our telescopes at a wondrous variety of celestial objects (weather permitting).  Stargazing is free and open to all.  We’ve also got some great shows in the Abbitt Planetarium for you to enjoy.  Check it all out on our website.

See you under the Hunter’s Moon!


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