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Ten Years of Volunteer Recognition

The Virginia Living Museum’s Volunteer Recognition Banquet is an annual event which celebrates the time and effort donated by hundreds of volunteers each year. This Friday, August 23rd, we continue this long tradition with our annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet!

During the banquet, we honor volunteers who have gone above and beyond during in their duties since August of the previous year. We honor volunteers who have earned 500 hours of service and who have given five years of tenured service to the museum. In addition, each department within the museum gives volunteers who have worked closely with them awards for their dedication and service. In celebration of everyone invited to the upcoming event and with more than a little nostalgia for our long term volunteers, let’s look at some of the celebrations of the past!

Back in 2009 our annual banquet was a bit more casual than it has come to be today.

By 2014, invitees would receive something a bit more exciting which tied in to a particular theme or an exhibit in the museum!

Since then, VLM has had many different themes for our Volunteer Recognition Banquet, from modern

to a little bit retro

to something a bit more formal!

If you find yourself wondering what sort of theme is being featured during next year’s banquet, there’s only one way to find out: fill out a volunteer application and join the party!

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