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The VLM is Your Volunteering Destination

This summer, the VLM truly is your volunteer destination!  Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? The VLM’s Dinosaur Discovery trail debuted in Fall 2016, complete with a paleo dig camp play area and 16 model dinos. Visitors and volunteers alike agree that Dino Discovery Trail has been a hit year round! The VLM is fortunate enough to expand our dinosaur exhibit this May for Destination: Dinosaur!

Dinosaur Discovery Trail, a permanent outdoor exhibit at the end of the Outdoor Trail.

We will have even more dinosaurs at the museum, and more chances to get involved in our interactive and fun exhibit. The VLM’s changing exhibit gallery is reintroducing the life-like experience of dinosaurs around every turn. Outside in our Conservation Garden, we’ll have a near-13 foot T-Rex and nest, and a charismatic Pachyrhinosaurus photo op. Indoors we will have a Hadrosaur fossil dig, a robotic Stegosaurus, and other life-like robotic dinosaurs. Our Dilophosaurus and baby will even spit water!

We are encouraging volunteer applicants for this new gallery. Summer attracts crowds of visitors who all want the educational experience the VLM team provides. The VLM depends on our volunteer interpreters to help give our guests this interactive experience, and relay our mission. Destination: Dinosaur! is bound to be a hit and we need YOUR help! Whether it’s in the Planetarium, out on the Dino Discovery Trail, or upstairs at the changing exhibit gallery, there’s a volunteer position with your name on it!!

So, if you have an interest in paleontology and the natural wonder these iconic reptiles provide for visitors of all ages, apply now! We process applications year round but we encourage applications for our changing exhibits because each new exhibit offers something brand new to the public. And what better way to introduce a new exhibit than to break out a new volunteer?

Lastly, we’d like to make a shout-out to David Boehnlein and the story of the Hart-Fiscella Mastodon on his blog: The Paleo-Tourist. In his post, he describes how the VLM obtained the 2nd mastodon found east of the Blue Ridge Mountains and how the taphonomic and paleontologic evidence interpreted from the specimen informs scientists and VLM visitors alike about these incredible animals. Read more about David’s findings here!

By Mahina Robbins
April 17th, 2018

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