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VLM Educators <3 Our Volunteers

April 20, 2018

Happy National Volunteer Week!

At the Virginia Living Museum, our volunteers outnumber our employees almost 5:1. They are the heart and soul of the VLM, but you all probably already know this from any interaction you may have had with them at our touch tank or out on the trail.

2: Neil, Kim, Kade, Brad
1: Rosann, Pam

We also have many who work behind the scenes like our collections volunteers in Education who help preserve our fossils, diligently repair artifacts handled by hundreds of kids daily in our Discovery Centers, and ensure all of our educators have collection items for their classes and camps. No small feat!

Theme: Lord of the Rings

As a museum, each department takes a day during this special week so we can show our appreciation for our volunteers’ commitment to the VLM’s mission. And if you have learned anything about the Education Team from my first post, you know we can’t resist a good themed pot luck! (We may have gotten a little carried away…)

While this week only comes once a year, we are grateful for our volunteers Every. Single. Day. If you are looking for a fun and rewarding place to volunteer and would like to join our volunteering team, applications can be found here.

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