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Virginia Living Museum Demonstrates the Wonders Human and Animal Brains

NEWPORT NEWS (January 20, 2023) – Exercising the brain is an important component to human and animal lives, but what does this look like? 

The Virginia Living Museum is pleased to present Mazes and Brain Games. An interactive exhibit to demonstrate how senses can be fooled and how the brain adapts as it works to solve problems and create solutions. 

Animals rely heavily on their senses and ability to adapt in changing environments. Animal behaviors play a central role in natural selection and keep their minds active and healthy. Virginia Living Museum resident animals can often be seen with various enrichment items such as puzzles, like the ones your pets use, to encourage natural and instinctive behaviors used to find food, camouflage, or simply enjoy themselves. 

“It prevents boredom, promotes problem-solving, and encourages exercise, all of which are critical to an animal’s health. Our animals receive enrichment that is tailored to their species-specific behavioral needs and individual abilities to preserve their mental and physical well-being,” says Training and Enrichment Coordinator, Britt Sorenson.

Humans similarly need to keep their minds exercised to be happy and healthy. Exercising our brain helps increase memory, concentration, focus and overall happiness. 

Mazes and Brain Games allows you to participate in a dynamic environment where you’ll discover new methods of problem-solving through improvisation, trial and error, observation and testing, and logic and reasoning. The Virginia Living Museum will demonstrate why these same methods are also important for even the animals found in your backyard.

Mazes and Brain Games opens January 21.


The Virginia Living Museum is a leader in natural living exhibits! Native Virginia mammals, marine life, reptiles, amphibians, birds, plants and planets are presented in natural ecosystems and honored for their ability to connect people to nature through educational experiences that promote conservation. 

Accredited by both the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (living exhibits) and the American Alliance of Museums (non-live collections), the Museum’s high standards are its hallmark, as only fourteen institutions share this designation in the country. Community volunteers outnumber staff by approximately 5:1 for incredible mission delivery. The Museum is a certified Virginia Green attraction dedicated to environmentally friendly practices and education. 

Created by the Warwick Rotary Club and Junior League of Hampton Roads in 1966, the Museum is an independent 501c3 organization, a successful public/private partnership with the City of Newport News and all guests.

Built by the community, beloved by the community, sustained by the community.

Located at 524 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News (I-64, exit 258-A), hours are 9 to 5 daily. Learn more at, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or call 757-595-1900.


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