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Whatever Gets You Through the Night

Hey everyone!  I’m excited to share some great news with you!

While we still do not consider it safe to resume in-person stargazing events, we have decided to try to bring some stargazing to you where you are!  This Saturday, October 10, will be our first virtual stargazing event!

We are still learning and experimenting with the technology we will be using, so bear with us as we try new things!  For this Saturday, we will be coming to you via Facebook LIVE on the museum’s Facebook page at 7:30pm.  We plan to be live for about 30 minutes to talk about what’s going on in the evening sky right now and how you can find things for yourself!  We will be using Starry Night Dome planetarium software (many thanks to Spitz, Inc. for giving us access to this great resource!) so we are guaranteed to be able to do some “observing” no matter what the weather is like…and then you can take what you learn outside and do a little stargazing for yourself whenever the sky in your area permits!

We will definitely be focusing on Mars as the Red Planet reaches opposition later this month.  But that isn’t the only planet we will be talking about!  And of course, there’s sure to be some constellations to chat about as well.  Be sure to join us on Saturday for all the details on what’s visible in the sky for this month.  And please bring your questions!  We’re excited to have this chance to interact with you again!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for STARGAZING: Live on STARturday Night!  See you then!


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