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Your Future Volunteering Adventure

As a volunteer, life’s an adventure – especially at the VLM!  From now until April 21, 2019, the VLM is offering an exclusive interactive guest experience called American Adventure, a choose-your-own-adventure type maze. American Adventure is unique because it blends historical accuracy with the entertainment of a game. Volunteers are especially needed to help teach people about how to play the game and about the history behind the decisions, the character roles, and the obstacles.

The VLM also has current year round exhibits like Dinosaur Discovery Trail, for the Dino and Outdoor lover, and an Outdoor Trail Loop which is home to many native North American species. One little known fact is that we are a sanctuary for animals that are unable to live in the wild on their own for any number of reasons.  Further, the Coastal Plains Gallery is an indoor interactive exhibit that is home to the museum’s favorite: the Touch Tank.  And if you enjoy interacting with children, we have a nature play area called Wild and Well that is always a hit!  The opportunities don’t stop there; we have countless more!

Come join us! There is something for every age volunteer. If you’re 18 or older, we have Animal Care, a behind the scenes way to help Staff care for the animals we house. If you’d like to bring your child or grandchild who is between the ages of 11 to 14, we encourage you to look into becoming Family Volunteers. Of course, if your child is 15 or older, they can volunteer on their own.

Active volunteers receive free admission to the museum and after 50 hours of service, family members living in the household may also visit free of charge.  There is a 10% discount in the Museum Store; 20% if the volunteer is also a member, as well as 20% in the Wild Side Café.  Another perk is the chance to interact with others who have similar interests and to make new friends!

Get your application in before the end of the school year to reserve priority spots! We take applications by mail email, or online. More information found here: Volunteer Applications

We hope to see you soon!

February 24, 2019

By Mahina Robbins

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