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Reptiles! Bizarre and Beautiful (March 16th and 17th)

St. Patrick may have driven the snakes from Ireland, but there will be plenty of serpents on display at the VLM during our annual reptile weekend event, Reptiles: Bizarre and Beautiful on March 16th and 17th! Come and observe some of the most incredible species of lizards, turtles, and even crocodilians and learn about their crucial roles! The two day event will feature reptiles from all over the world, presented by organizations including Sandy Bottom Nature Park, the Virginia Herpetological Society, and Reptile Education of Virginia. Attend scheduled feedings and enrichment programs to see our animals in action, or relax and enjoy a presentation by our talented education staff! Visit the Virginia Aquarium Stranding Team, and discover what simple changes you can make to help protect marine species like the loggerhead sea turtle. Get up close and personal with a venomous snake, and discover how some of the deadliest snakes on the planet are now saving human lives everyday! For the creative lads and lasses, we have crafts, scavengers hunts, and activities for all ages! Everyone will find something to enjoy at Reptile Weekend!

Come out and celebrate the scaly side of life! See (and even touch!) some of the most amazing creatures from around the globe, and discover the beauty in these often maligned animals! So join us for a weekend of fun, learning, and reptiles!  Read more here.

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