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Educators Love Pi(e)

March 14, 2018

It is no secret the Virginia Living Museum is an awesome place to work and play! Part of what makes it so special is our diverse crew of educators who work together to produce our large breadth of programming which covers the Chesapeake Bay to Outer Space, for Pre-K to Adults. No small feat. Their hard work continues the VLM’s legacy as a place for lifelong learning in our community.

Virginia Living Museum Education Team
2: Jim, Kelly, Bo, Nick, John, Betty, Amy
1: Nicole, Deanna, Judy, Emily, Betsy

When I joined the education team nearly 4 months ago, I was inspired by their passion, dedication, and of course, brilliance. For all you science educators out there, imagine being able to create curriculum with a conservation biologist, geologist, and theoretical nuclear physicist all in the same room! (Let’s just say my google searches have decreased recently.)

But like all superheros, we all have a weakness, and ours is PIE.

Pi Day has been on our radar for about a month and while no one really seems to have an affinity towards pi over tau as a mathematical constant, we all appreciate the excuse to get together and eat pie – if you couldn’t tell by the photo below.

Just some of the pies. Not featured: Pizza Pies, Quiche, Chicken Pot Pie, and (Pi)neapples.



Only 364 days until the next one! Let us know how you celebrated the day.

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