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Black History Month- FEBRUARY

The Virginia Living Museum celebrates Black History Month with information and activities relating to African American scientists and the popular planetarium program “ Follow the Drinking Gourd.”
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Rainbow Puppets: Footsteps in History February 16, 17, 18

Time: Shows at 12:30pm and 2:30pm

As part of Adventure Weekend, follow the footsteps of many famous people who have walked across the Virginia Peninsula in “Footsteps in History.” Will meet creatures like the blue crabs who have long been on our shores and Native Americans who are proud of the rich natural treasures which sustain the area. Christopher Newport and John Smith come from England and set up a colony at Jamestown and the Kecoughtan tribe protects them over the first severe winter. Those who do survive must fight against more challenges like brackish water and swarms of mosquitoes.

In 1619, the first North American Thanksgiving is celebrated at Berkeley. Large numbers of women come to the colony to help sustain and grow the region and the need for labor brings African American slaves to our shores.

Contributions from diverse people from around the world help shape a nation that slowly works to provide freedom and opportunities for all.

Included in Adventure Weekend are Corn Hoop Games, Knot Tying, Oyster Reef Pop-up Discovery Station, as well as a Rope Making Activity, Corn Grinding, and a Fire Starting Demonstration starting at 11:30-2:30p.m. on Saturday and Monday.  Lastly, a volunteer will be showing different artifacts and teaching guests about those artifacts with an American Adventure Artifact Box.

Activity times vary daily from 9a.m.- 5p.m.  

Cost: Included in Museum Admission

Reptiles Bizarre and Beautiful March 16-17

Cost:  Included in Museum admission. Non-members Adults $20, children (ages 3-12) $15.

Experience a close encounter of the reptile kind at the Virginia Living Museum. See a wide variety of native and exotic reptiles on display and in live animal programs.

Guest exhibitors includes Sandy Bottom, Virginia Master Naturalists, and Reptile Education of Virginia (REV) featuring the African Spurred Tortoise, Amazon Tree Boa, Blood Python, Brazilian Rainbow Boa, Burmese Python, Gargoyle Gecko, Vietnamese Centipede and New Caledonian Giant Gecko and so much more!

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