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Survival Wasn’t Trivial in 1607

February 4, 2019

If you are local, you have probably heard a thing or two about Virginia’s 2019 Commemoration of 1619. If not, this is your (one month late) newsflash that our Commonwealth is celebrating 400 years of democracy, diversity, and opportunity. What a great cause!

Determined to do our part in educating our community about the importance of Jamestown, we have brought back our award winning survival maze; American Adventure. Back in 2007, it was created by the Virginia Living Museum in collaboration with Minotaur Mazes, Inc. to connect Virginia’s history with its natural history. Since then, the maze has toured the country and has even undergone a name change. (Maybe it should try the 12 year challenge…)

Crazy Forts allows engineers of all ages to build their dream structures.

While 4th Grade Virginia Studies may be in our personal history books, American Adventure offers something for everyone! For those a little too young to understand the motives of the Virginia Company of London and to appreciate the complexity of John Smith’s leadership, there are many hands-on opportunities to learn through play. The only limitation is their imagination.

Or build a more historically accurate Jamestown Fort.

For those a little more literal (or who need to study for the SOLs), there is also an opportunity to recreate the actual footprint of the original fort. Once within the maze, you as the colonist are faced with tough questions like where to get drinking water, what should you eat, and do you accept help – all decisions with their pros and cons.

You must use most of your senses to survive!

And while we have all seen the rock wall and zip line photos within the maze, to survive is a family affair. Adults may find themselves seeing, touching, and even smelling their way through the challenges to keep those life points adding up!

Historically only 38 of the 104 men and boys who originally inhabited Jamestown survived the first year. Try your luck to beat the odds before the maze leaves on April 21st!

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