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What You’ll See at the Virginia Living Museum

Virginia’s natural heritage comes alive at the Virginia Living Museum through living exhibits that encompass all the state’s geographic regions from the mountains to the ocean. Each exhibit tells a story. There is the predator-prey relationship between the chipmunk and the corn snake, the survival adaptations of the flounder and puffer fish, the endangered status of the once plentiful sturgeon and the geological changes that have created caves.

Indoor Exhibits

Explore the regions of Virginia and the animals and plants that live there through exhibits and interactive discovery centers:

  • Coastal Plain
  • Piedmont and Mountains
  • Cypress Swamp
  • Mountain Cove
  • Virginia Underground
  • After Dark

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Changing Exhibits


Tiny TITANS – Dinosaur Eggs and Babies (January 18 – May 3, 2019) Bring your little ones to learn  about how dinosaurs raised their tiny titans.  On display in our Changing Exhibits Gallery, this special exhibition is a remarkable hands-on exhibition that offers an astounding array of authentic dinosaur eggs and nests collected from all over the globe

Jurassic Giants – of the Triassic, Jurassic & Cretaceous periods (May 23 – Sept. 7, 2020) Experience the largest animatronic dinosaur the Virginia Living Museum has every featured. Our conservation garden will be the home of Giganotosaurus!

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Outdoor Exhibits and Gardens

Stroll the elevated boardwalk to see birds and animals native to Virginia in naturalized habitats. Explore the Virginia, Butterfly and Conservation Gardens and learn how to build green in the Goodson Living Green House. Native Plant Teaching Garden and Children’s Garden/Nature Playground opened in April 2013 and the Dinosaur Discovery Trail opened Oct. 15, 2016. Read more…

Abbitt Planetarium

Visit the planets, travel to a black hole, observe spinning galaxies or study the Earth from space. Using our state-of-the-art digital full-screen projection system, we can recreate the many wonders of the universe, including the stars and constellations of the sky for any season of the year – all from the comfort of an armchair. Read more…

Animals and Plants

The Virginia Living Museum exhibits more than 250 species of animals and 450 species of plants native to Virginia. Learn more about them.

Check out the web cam on the Chesapeake Bay Aquarium and the OtterCAM a live view of our otter habitat. Visit YouTube to see other videos of our animals.