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The Art and Science of Arachnids

January 20 – April 10, 2018


The Art & Science of Arachnids is not your typical “bug” exhibit. It is an  exhibit on how society perceives arachnids in Science, Art and Culture.

The Art & Science of Arachnids, invites guests to experience “creepy” animals in a fun, meaningful way. Cultural connections and answers to the question of “why are arachnids important to me” foster a new appreciation of these eight-legged marvels.

100 live arachnids are displayed in 3 self-contained, locked cubes. Each cube has a different theme. The Science Cube discusses not only spiders and scorpions, but introduces guests to other types of arachnids. It also highlights deadly spiders of North America (no live specimens are exhibited). Also, arachnids in medical research is shown. The Arts Cube illustrates the importance of arachnids in music, literature, and film. The Culture Cube discusses arachnid conservation, arachnids as food, and arachnid folklore and mythology. Each cube has a TV monitor and video curator who explains the theme of each cube.

Enjoy a live animal show Arachnid or Not giving visitors an up-close and personal opportunity to experience arachnid species and more.

Hands-on interactives enhance the experience. Included are also opportunities for visitors to engage in a live arachnid meet and greet. Trained keepers will bring the nuances of the species to life with amazing facts and lively tales. Guests will learn what arachnids eat, how they survive in the wild, their natural predators and challenges to their survival, and how – as individuals and families – they can play a vital part in preserving arachnids and their habitats. There are several other stand-alone interactives and displays. These include:

  • Fangs, Claws, and Stingers.
  • How Do Arachnids Grow?
  • Silk
  • Arachnid Anatomy
  • The Tarantella
  • Spider Lab
  • Art Gallery
  • How Do You Measure Up to an Arachnid?
  • Arachnid Mobility
  • Predator Prey robotics
  • Arachnid Arena
  • Arachne’s Weave-A-Web

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Destination: DINOSAUR!

May 5 – September 3, 2018

Get ready to take a trip to the prehistoric past and travel back millions of years to the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods with Destination: DINOSAUR!

Tremble at a growling 12 foot adult Tyrannosaurus rex and get an up-close look into his nest. See three different types of baby dinosaurs. An Amargasaurus mother and her baby will greet visitors with wide, sweeping tail motions while the fast moving, double-crested Dilophosaurus will have visitors dodging its water spitting. Get a chance to observe the bulky body, short tail Chasnosaurus mother-baby duo as they make fluid movements and prehistoric sounds.

Discover other diverse groups of dinosaurs like the Cryolophosaurus, Coelophysis, Stegoceras, and Suchomimus.

Enjoy a family photo op with a 1200 pound, adult Pachyrhino, become an archaeologist with a Hadrosaur fossil dig, and get an inside look on how these animatronics actually work with a Stegoceras robot.

Explore the world’s prehistoric past and uncover its lessons for our planet’s future.