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Living Green Sponsors & Resources

Sponsors of the Living Green Exhibit at the Virginia Living Museum

The $315,000 project was partially funded by a $150,000 matching grant from the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network. The garden portion of the project was also being supported through a donation from the local Huntington Garden Club.

Additional donations provided by:


Check out the below websites for information about how you can build, remodel and/or garden green:

Building Exterior

Walls, Insulation and Windows

Energy and Lighting


Gardening/Backyard Habitats

Native Plants for Landscaping

Invasive Plant Species to Avoid

Rain Barrels and other ways to Soak up the Rain


Pervious Paving

Light Pollution

Green Roofs

District of Columbia links to online tours for a collection of “showcase” green roofs demonstrating the best the city has to offer. Over the last six years, Washington D.C. has been quietly developing one of the country’s best green roof programs. An initial demonstration program was followed by a green roof subsidy in 2007, and the result has been an explosion of space-effective, stormwater-slurping green roofs. D.C. has now compiled an inventory of approximately 75 green roofs in the District, each over 1,000 square feet, with total area coverage of ~350,000 square feet.